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Why study in germany

There are many reasons. German higher education offers and incredible 13,500 different programs to choose from. Its 370 Universities have a strong international focus and provide an outstanding, globally recognized training. Another advantage is the fact that there are no or only very moderate tuition fees.  And Germany lies at the center of Europe, a modern country with a rich culture and excellent quality of life.
Germany offers a great variety of degree programs of high academic standards, cutting-edge technology and advanced research facilities.
An increasing number of international degree programs are partly or entirely taught in English. There are altogether 6,000 Bachelor and 5,000 Master programs, about a thousand are held in English.
 Students are not necessarily required to speak German in order to be qualified as university students in Germany.
Germany is one of the leaders in the international competition for the world’s best brains. “Unity of Research and Teaching” is the principle upon which German higher education is based. Germany is leading nation in education and research many of the universities courses are for an international target groups. Germany is the most popular country for international students to study in after the USA and Great Britian. According to the current date there are 300,900 foreign students studying in Germany which is 11.5% of total students.
 “Many of the people studied from Germany have made a mark in their own country.”
 German universities have a quite good network with universities all over the world. Every year thousands of students have the opportunity to go abroad and spend some time in a different country, studying and living. This should be the same way for international students. Because of this, German universities and technical colleges try to provide enough university places for international students and they also make efforts to support them in many other questions concerning the time abroad.

How to Apply at
a Germany University ?

The decision to study in Germany is a quite good one, because the time abroad can give many positive experiences and memories. But first of all it is necessary to get a place at the favorite university in Germany. Places at the German universities are very rare and it doesn’t matter if applying for the total studies or just one term, the competition is high. It is therefore important to get all the information very early and to complete all the necessary formalities.

If you want to do the whole Bachelor- or Master studies in Germany you need to apply the same way as the German students but at most universities the places for international students are very rare. There is no central office for students applications in Germany, therefore it is necessary to apply at the university you want to study. This can be quite confusing because there are many different application procedures depending on university and study program. According to this, one has to achieve different admission requirements, keep to different deadlines and submit different documents.

Therefore it is the first priority to check the webpage from the university or to call the responsible councelor to get the most important information. Which requirements have to be fulfilled, which specialities are there for international students and which documents need to be completed. In this text there can be given a general abstract about the application process but single universities or subjects can differ from that.

Germany Visa and Entry

What kinds of documents and papers one needs for the entry to Germany depends mainly on where he or she comes from and on how long he or she wants to stay in Germany. It is important to get the necessary information and to put together all the papers quite early and in time before the studies abroad.

In general there are the following rules: For citizens from the EU or from the countries Island, Norway, Switzerland or Liechtenstein it is only necessary to have an identity card to entry Germany. It is not necessary to have a visa. Citizens from other countries instead need a visa if they stay in Germany for more than 90 days. There are some more rules for the visa application as well. Citizens from the countries Australia, Israel, Japan, Canada, New Zealand, South Korea and the USA can apply for their visa even after they arrived in Germany. For citizens from other countries it is necessary to apply for the visa before coming to Germany.

Germany is a great place to study, offering low or no tuition in general regarding the Public Higher Education system. Students who aim to become prosper architects one day may choose from a wide range of Universities that provide excellent programs in obtaining a degree. As for the bachelor’s degree, Zeit Online offers a list of Universities to choose from depending on the student’s requirements and expectations.  In order to come up with the top ten Universities to study Architecture in Germany, one has to set a range of criteria in order to analyze and compare the Universities weaker and stronger points. Since the subject is Architecture, the most relevant criteria in the pool offered by Zeit Online seemed the IT-Infrastructure, International master programs, Rent and Accommodation, Job market, the Evaluation process and the existence of E-learning. Regarding the certain conditions in the following section, certain Universities provide the best match.
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